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Increase your sales and the number of customers in your business.
It is simple, fast and can bring great monetary income

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Advantages for your business

Increase your sales with TFC and get new customers

Turn TFC into Cash Credits within TFA ecosystem

Spend your Cash Credits within the powerful TFA ecosystem

How to list your Business on TFA

Its simple to list and start.

You send us the basic information on your business, and we create the listing in 15 minutes.
You must accept at least 150 EUR per month of TFC. You get a CASH CREDIT in TheFutbolApp ecosystem equal to the amount of TFC you accept.

You can then spend that credit to reach new cash-paying customers in TheFutbolApp ecosystem (40,000 users in Cyprus and hundreds of thousands worldwide and growing fast).

We give you a brief training session and then announce your business to the TFA community!

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