The Futbol Coin (TFC)

Creating a transactional framework and a digital economy for the Worldwide Football community.

How TheFutbolCoin fits in TheFutbolApp

  • Buy goods in our store using TheFutbolCoin (TFC) at significant discounts from advertisers selling these goods on TFA store for publicity and tokens.
  • Giving amateur football teams an easy way to collect fees and dues from players or their parents.
  • Buying tickets with one-touch instantly electronically delivered inside TheFutbolApp.
  • Giving football clubs and instant one touch way to sell tickets to games and merchandise.
  • To advertise to TheFutbolApp community, advertisers must pay for ads with TFC.



TheFutbolCoin (TFC) Solution

By weaving TheFutbolCoin (TFC) into the functionality of TheFutbolApp, we are able to share wealth with the different stakeholders in our community.


A pool of 500 million TFC has been set aside for them to earn by adding value to the community in a variety of ways  such as using the app, making winning predictions, inviting their friends to the app, taking surveys from advertisers, or moderating forums. The users receive points for these activities in the app which are convertible to TFC.


Can accept TFC at their place of business by listing their business in the TFC wallet. They can accept a limited amount per month which is electronically enforced within the TFA wallet. They then use the TFC to purchase advertising within the app to attract more new customers in.


Who partner with us can sell tickets and merchandise with TFC that are bought and delivered within the app with a single click. In some cases, we pre-buy an inventory of tickets and merchandise to guarantee availability to our user community.


Who build a following in TheFutbolApp social network are eligible to receive a share of advertising that is targeted to their followers. We also provide them a mechanism to formally endorse products that they love in exchange for TFC.

How to get TFC


500 million tokens to be earned by taking actions that are valuable to TheFutbolApp community such as posting good content, participating in discussions and inviting friends)

Crypto Exchanges

Start trading on Stellar Exchange, Latoken and soon Bittrex Global

Via peer to peer transactions

Via peer-to-peer transactions between users

By placing goods or services for sale

By placing goods or services for sale in our store