TheFutbolApp (TFA) is the first quality social network for Football fans around the world.

TheFutbolApp (TFA) by pandaHAUS was built to provide a single platform allowing players, coaches, clubs and fans to engage in the digital activities surrounding football that are important to them in a simple and powerful way. By getting not only fans but players, coaches and clubs (professional and recreational) into the app, we create a large, powerful and sustainable community.


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About TheFutbolApp (TFA)

While there are millions of avid football fans who follow live scores for dozens of matches per day, there are billions of fans who are supporters of major Clubs and players interested in the social side of being part of a Club

These social-oriented fans do not download live score apps, they follow Clubs and players on social media (Instagram and Facebook). Football passion is driving a large part of the attention to worldwide social media, yet there is no world-class social app experience centred around football and being part of a fan community

Meet TheFutbolApp (TFC), the app which delivers a compelling football centric social experience for the casual fans and die-hard fans alike.

All popular app activities in one


Follow the day-to-day of your favourite teams. Be aware of what players or staff post on the social network and interact with them.


Do you know the recent form of your team? Does it come from a path of victories or defeats? What is the history between 2 teams? Find out everything.


The game has started… who attacks more, who creates more scoring opportunities? Don’t miss a second of the game.


Interact with other users of TheFutbolApp. Share ideas, guess games and more!


TheFutbolCoin (TFC) becomes the token that monetises attention to football and enables a digital economy around the sport benefitting all participants.

In TheFutbolApp (TFA), likes on social posts are spendable points, so the wealth of the network is shared with its participants. Points can also be exchanged for TFC. This token is accepted by merchants around the world in limited amounts for payment in full for goods and services, food and drink. Participating Clubs also accept TFC for purchase of merchandise and tickets.

Football market challenges
and TFA Solutions

Modern app ecosystems (Facebook, Instagram and others) do not fairly share their wealth with the community. Users’ privacy is mined relentlessly and sold to the highest bidder with no compensation other than free use of the app to the user.
Clubs have no way to significantly monetize their social media following. Their own apps have low usage and therefore low monetization, and their presence on Facebook and Instagram only serves to make Facebook more money.

TheFutbolApp (TFA) offers an app ecosystem similar to Facebook but centered entirely around football and the football Clubs fans love.