The FutbolApp

TFA is a gamified NFT based web3 platform themed around football

What is $TFC?

TFC (TheFutbolCoin) is used in TFA to buy NFTs created by fans and clubs. TFC is the only way to pay for ads in TFA and TFC is also accepted for ticket sales and merchandise sales at participating clubs.


$TFC has a vibrant enthusiastic community of HODLers worldwide, growing each day

Adoption by Clubs and Businesses

$TFC is being accepted by clubs and businesses worldwide because of its fast transaction speed, low cost, advanced technology ecosystem and its overall prospects.

Secure store of Wealth

$TFC is also being used as a secure store of wealth because of its limited supply, strong brand and utility model.

The TFC token ecosystem decentralises with the goal of becoming the Bitcoin of football

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Livingston FC partner with TheFutbolCoin for the 2021/22 season

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TFA announces The Creation of TFA Worldwide Association

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The social network that wants to unite the football community

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TFC Token

TFC (TheFutbolCoin) is a digital asset on the Stellar blockchain.


TFC Holders


TFC Transactions


Businesses accepting TFC

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It is okay to miss #Bitcoin, it is a crime to miss #TFC now. For a coin with the utility of Silver and BTC combined, you cannot go wrong. We are built around a strong ecosystem, and at $0.57, we are just starting. #HODL #TFC now. @steve_tfc #PumpTFC #CryptoNews #ITrustTFC #Crypto



Meet the giver of $TFC @steve_tfc and David Adeniyi Fadairo @DavidFadairo5, the first player in the world whose transfer fee was paid in $TFC 🥳🥳🥳🥳 $TFC to the World ⚽💥💫✨🤑 $TFC is taking over the world🌠☄️🚀

Livingston FC


🆕 | Livingston FC is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with TheFutbolCoin (TFC) which will see the club accept TFC for tickets & merchandise as well as TheFutbolCoin logo appearing on the rear of our 2021/2022 match and replica shirts.

TFC Official


⚽️ Did you know that Arsenal and Everton legend @1kevincampbell is a #TFA ambassador? ⚽️ $TFC

Find out why he thinks #TFA has such a bright future:

Kevin Campbell


There are only a few times in a lifetime that incredible opportunities become available and this is one of them! ⭐️💎👍🏿⭐️

Stellar Network News (XLM)


#Stellarfamily Check out @TheFutbolCoin that utilizes #Stellar with their token $TFC



434.000K🧿 @TheFutbolApp users so happy.....⚽️🐼

168.074K🧿 @TheFutbolCoin token holders so happy.....⚽️🐼

1.135.718 millions 🧿 total payments count @steve_tfc so happy for his amazing community! ⚽️🐼



The fourth business to accept... TFC #thefutbolcoin as means of payment in my city... #PHC ... Its awesome.. Thanks to all the admins and @steve_tfc...



TFC of course. @TheFutbolCoin The utility coin. You won't regret it. @samconnerone @steve_tfc @Soleaswest @Eleftherios_ele @TFAmaniac @dubai_geordie @georgekafkarkou @Stranger_TFC @Giannis86122708 @klit0sa



So beautiful 😍 coolest thing I have seen this week #panda $TFC @steve_tfc @1kevincampbell @Soleaswest @dubai_geordie @georgekafkarkou @RealGTrader @samconnerone @TFAmaniac @klitos #beauty #Gold #PremierLeague #ChampionsLeague I don't know about you but I love this ⚽️

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