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Privacy Policy

This page describes what information we collect when you use TheFutbolApp, why we collect it, and how we safeguard it. It applies to all of the products, services, and websites offered by TheFutbolApp Inc., or affiliated companies that power their own products, services, and websites with TheFutbolApp; collectively, TheFutbolApp "Services". In a nutshell, once you visit, or register on, a TheFutbolApp Service, TheFutbolApp’s Corporation's key principle with regards to your personal data is that:


We do not share your emails, phones, addresses, passwords, and other information described in “Your Data” section below, with third-parties, unless we are required to do so by law.

  • You can permanently delete your data from our servers whenever you wish without leaving residues. We do not intercept or access transmissions of private communications, nor do we break into your private data, and we do our best to prevent others from doing so.
  • Your passwords to third-party email accounts are stored encrypted on our servers. This prevents unauthorized access to your email accounts.
  • We do not harvest your data, for the purpose of ad delivery.
  • You have control over who-when-how can see or communicate with you.
  • We do not control content regarding topics on the freedom of public or private expression within the system.
  • We will not spam you and we will not tolerate others spamming you.


Your data may consist of personal information, such as Name, Login Name, Passwords, Email addresses, Phone numbers, Physical addresses, Credit card numbers, Contact lists, Communications and Files stored in your TheFutbolApp Library.

Some of this information is gathered for the purpose of allowing TheFutbolApp Inc. to create your account, and allowing you to access it. You may also enter optional information in order to fill in your profile information and thus take advantage of any of TheFutbolApp Services' advanced networking capabilities. If so, you have the control as to who can view this information, not us. Anonymous statistical information (such as how many times you login to TheFutbolApp Services), is sometimes gathered automatically in order to improve our Services and help us provide you with an even better online experience.

To delete your data, go to settings in the app and 'Delete Account'

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